Letter of recommendations and articles


The world is breathing better thanks to a revolutionary method

" After losing his voice, Yann Lambiel discovered a method which changed his breathing method, a decisive watershed moment for his career as a comedian. Zoom on breathing coordination... "

Le Temps - 18th may 2017- Anne-Charlotte Mancebo
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A world-class reference in the art of singing

" Lausanne citizen Robin De Haas has become, at age 33, the second specialist of this method that is a revolution in the art of learning how to sing. Encounter.... "

L'Hebdo - 1st november 2012- Stephane Gobbo
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IMD recommendation letter

" Looking at the significant communication challenges that most of the managers who I work with face, I believe that Robin’s work would be an extraordinarily valuable addition to any training or development program focused on leadership or communication.... "

Albrecht Enders - 5th may 2014 - Professor of strategy and inovation
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ITU recommendation letter

" Mr. De Haas is extremely talented in his domain, and both his professionalism and experience are truly remarkable and of enormous benefit to his students. It is for this reason that I can un-reservedly recommend him... "

Dr. Hamadoum L. Touré - 22nd march 2012 - Secretary general
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