Vocal consulting

Vocal consulting is bringing to the individual the various skills necessary to accomplish a balanced and healthy vocal gesture. The vocal consultant balances the movement and the dynamics of the breathing mechanism, of the vocal cords and of the emotions connected to the use of the voice in various contexts. He is trained to recognise and analyse the wide range of vocal symptoms that can occur.

Also he manages to find ways to solve the difficulties met by met by singers, actors, artists, leaders, public speakers and lecturers. A significant part of the vocal consulting is best delivered in individual sessions because of the personal and individualized nature of the rebalancing that compose it.

On those bases, I work on a Swiss and an international level as a vocal consultant. The various training and diplomas I have and my pedagogical sense allow me to be a quality asset for politicians, CEOs, or show business industry managers willing to make sure that the vocal health of their artists stays intact, or for the artists themselves, who are guided and reassured about their potential problems and for any person wishing to improve the use of his or her voice for all types of communication.